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Dempsey Bolton


       Dempsey Bolton is no stranger to pouring himself into his passion; after graduating from the University of Alberta’s Astrophysics program and considering pursuing a Master’s degree, Dempsey instead decided to dive head first into music, moving away from his hometown Edmonton in August 2020, renting out a studio and beginning to produce music full time. Within 2 years of starting making music he landed his first self-produced track “Savour” on Spotify’s New Music Friday Canada playlist as well as a handful of other playlists on Spotify, Apple Music and YouTube. Not looking back since, Dempsey has released 16 songs accumulating over 350,000 streams on major streaming platforms, being featured in 30-some blogs and publications and a dozen YouTube curators with millions of subscribers combined.

       Currently, Dempsey is working on his sophomore album set to release in July 2023, a self-produced project that starkly contrasts the lyrics against the music; the album deals with the dangers of staying silent while in crisis and letting one’s mental health go unchecked while delivering upbeat, nostalgic, summery vibes in its production.